DevOps Consulting

I’m an experienced software architect with a strong long-term interest in DevOps (I’ve maintained this blog on many linux servers over the years). I’ve spent significant time learning AWS and running build servers. For specifics, see below.

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Continuous Integration

  • Part time build engineer for multiple products over many years
  • Worked with multiple teams of up to 15 people to support CI infrastructure
  • Designed and supervise construction of development infrastructure on docker-compose
  • Support a team with Bamboo for several years
  • Support several teams using Jenkins
  • Set up CI for Penn CHIME project and others with Github actions
  • Have used Travis CI, gitlab
  • Lots of bash scripting


  • >10 years working in life sciences, where meticulous attention to quality is valued
  • Designed & wrote automated test framework to prove several API projects function
  • Set up Cypress (like Selenium) on a major project & introduced it to Penn CHIME


  • Received AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification
  • 6+ months experience writing Cloudformation
  • Built several serverless applications using various frameworks (SAM, Serverless, Apex)
  • Completed training for AWS Security specialty
  • >1 year experience with AWS products
  • 3 client projects


  • Set up AWS dashboards & Guard Duty in a significant AWS project
  • Set up git-secrets on multiple projects
  • Use of SSM & Secrets manager
  • Wrote a blog post on security for the Element 84 blog

Production Support

  • Used splunk to support a suite of life sciences applications
  • Configured / used Elasticsearch (ELK)
  • Set up AWS Cloudwatch dashboard monitoring for a private product
  • One of few people to have data center access to an entire suite of life sciences products


  • Primary point of contact for Postgres tuning (and sometimes Oracle)
  • Support a suite of products (DocWay) that supported multiple databases (Postgres, Oracle, SQL Server)

Interested? Contact me @