I’ve co-organized conferences (Philly ETE, NE Scala) and the Philly Scala meetup. I’ve spoken at a number of conferences and meetups listed below.

Metaprogramming in R (Philly Lambda – Sept 2022)

RVA JS – Conference2020

JAMStack Philadelphia – Meetup2019

Cloud Native Mapping Apps: How Satellite Imagery Gets From the Sky to Your Phone

Slides –

Data Philly – Meetup2019

Title: Data Science in Scala with Apache Zeppelin


PHASE (Philly Area Scala Enthusiasts)

Title: Exploring Word2vec in Scala

Slides –

Solr/Lucene Revolution – Conference – 2017

Talk: Indexing Videos in Solr

AI With The Best – Online Conference – 2017

Title: Building a Discovery Engine with Machine Learning

Postgres Open 2014 – Conference

Immutable Data in Postgres