Postgres Consulting

I’ve been working as a software developer for over 15 years, and have a strong interest in database technology.

At each job I’ve held, I’ve done significant performance tuning efforts and worked on both OLAP and data warehouses in both Oracle and Postgres.


Work History

Wingspan, an IQVIA Company: Life sciences Platform
I’ve worked on many projects over 10 years at Wingspan. I built a data warehousing and reporting system for a Life Sciences product for a top tier Pharma, using an Oracle database.

I helped migrate this application to a self-hosted SaaS product on Postgres.

I made major contributions to the data architecture of the product around auditing, and invented a way to dramatically improve the scalability of ACLs using techniques based on compression.

I introduced Docker to the company – writing scripts to snapshot and reconstruct internal environments.

I did the backend research to add full text indexing to our Postgres database and to the processes used to index data to Solr.

“Gary has always been one of the most trusted and valued members of our software engineering organization.” – from a performance review

Thomson Reuters
Worked on a data warehousing app that generated statistics across all U.S. litigation for use in law firm marketing. My role was a cross between front-end UI developer and building an ORM layer over the data warehouse.

Public Speaking

I’ve spoken at several meetups and conferences:

Solr/Lucene Revolution: Indexing Videos in Solr

AI With The Best: “Building a Discovery Engine with Machine Learning”

Philly Area Scala Enthusiasts: “Exploring Word2vec in Scala”

Philly Java Users Group: GPU Programming for Java Developers

Postgres Open, 2011: Immutable Data in Postgres