Woodblock Prints:

Frederick Douglass (8″x10″) – Woodblock print
The moon (8″x10″) – shina plywood

Soul’s Shot Portrait Project (2021) – Quadir Schaeff – 18″x24″

St. Jerome – Reproduction of Ugo da Carpi’s St. Jerome – shina plywood
Peppy the cat – 8″x12″ – woodcut in cherry
Bird Engraving #1 – Wood Engraving – 2″x3″ – maple
Bird Engraving #2 – 2″x3″ wood engraving in maple
Bird engraving #3 – 2″x3″ wood engraving in maple
Bird engraving #4 – 2″x3″ wood engraving in maple
Big Bend National Park – 4″x4″ shina plywood
An energetic Texas tree – 8″x10″ woodcut, shina plywood
Replica of an interesting portion of Ugo da carpi’s “Hercules and the Lion” – 8″x8″ – woodcut in shina plywood
Monoprint #1
Monoprint #2
John Brown – in progress interpretation of Ole Peter Hansen Balling’s portrait, woodcut, shina plywood

Summarize Withings Sleep data from R

The following steps list how to export sleep data from Withings, and group/summarize it to identify potential triggers for bad sleep.

The comments in the app are not exportable, but one could use the app to track comma separated tags, re-record later, and run this process.

  1. install r for mac
  2. install rstudio for mac
  3. Export and extract withings data
  4. Copy sleep.csv into a sheet named ‘tags’
  5. Enter comments/tags into the separate sheet

Run the following R code”


sleep <- read_csv(‘/Users/gsieling/Downloads/data_abc_1234/sleep.csv’)
tags <- read_csv(‘/Users/gsieling/Downloads/tags.csv’)
all <- merge(sleep, tags, all.x=TRUE)

names(all)[names(all) == “Average heart rate”] <- “avg_heart_rate”

all <- all %>%
mutate(trigger = if_else(str_detect(Comments, ‘No alcohol’), ‘No alcohol’, ‘Alcohol’))

all %>%
group_by(trigger) %>%
summarise(avg = mean(avg_heart_rate))