Convert scaladoc output to Markdown and Jekyll

Scaladoc generates a listing page for every class you run it on. In this post, I’ll show how to convert the output of the entire API documentation (on the official scala site) to Markdown that is compatible with Jekyll (so that you can add / modify formatting as desired). I got the main scala library, […]

Using RabbitMQ for ETL of cloud storage APIs

Message queues are used as a communication between pieces of software, e.g. on a web site these are often used to request that a job be run in the background. Compared to a database, they are optimized for message throughput and provide some mechanisms to send messages to many consumers – this could be useful […]

Extracting images from PDFs in C#

TinyMCE is a Javascript rich-text editor that allows for a lot of extensibility. For example, this is a screenshot of what it looks like in my WordPress installation:   There are a lot of customization hooks, and because it’s used in WordPress, it gets a lot of maintenance. For instance, it supports pasting from Word […]

Building a Squarespace integration with Node.js

avascript integrations must be built carefully to avoid excessive rendering and network overhead. If well-built, they make it easy to get get complex functionality in a website, without being locked into the vendor (e.g. Squarespace). I built a small application that uses a search engine to find articles you’ve written for other people, so you […]

Monitoring a WordPress site with Filebeat

In a previous post, I discuss setting up the ELK stack on Azure, which is a prerequisite for using Logbat. To pump logs from a linux server to , we can use a tool called Filebeat (not sure where that fits in “ELK”?) On the server you want monitored, you’ll need to download the appropriate […]


Installing the ELK stack on Azure

The “ELK stack” is an open source product offering used for indexing and searching server logs. This combines three open source tools (Elastic Search, LogStash, Kibana), which seem to be maintained by the company behind Elastic Search. Elastic Search is the most well known, and handles full text indexing. Logstash handles the ETL process that […]