Postgres High Availability (Talk Notes, PGConf 2014)

I saw a talk by some operations engineers who work for ARIN at PGConf 2014. They presented their architecture for high availability, which uses CMAN, Corosync, and Pacemaker, which handle message queueing, a quorum system and Postgres communication, respectively (Corosync is functioning similar to Zookeeper, as I understand it). Their architecture was interesting for a […]

PGConfNYC Keynote Notes (Gilt)

One of the keynote presentations for PG Conf NYC was a founder of Gilt Groupe (a site for flash sales of fashion items). This is an interesting business arena, in that the application has an inherent spiky nature to load. The speaker observed that people tend to form small groups based on how many people […]

PGConfNYC: KeyNote notes (Goldman Sachs)

One of the the keynotes addresses to PGConf NYC was a talk by a technology manager at Goldman Sachs who had a bunch of interesting insights into the ecosystem. In their environment, Postgres is one of a number of supported platforms, so they have a good position for comparison (including to a nameless “commercial database”, […]