Full-Text Search within Closed Captions

Youtube automatically generates closed captions for videos. FindLectures.com crawls these, and allows you to search for a phrase within a video and start playback where the phrase occurs.

Machine-generated transcriptions include timestamps, but also many transcription errors. If we can obtain captions and a corrected transcript for a speech, these can be aligned using the words that do match. In the spots that differ, we can update the language with the corrected wording from the transcript.

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Identifying important keywords using Lunr.js and the Blekko API

Lunr.js is a simple full-text engine in Javascript. Full text search ranks documents returned from a query by how closely they resemble the query, based on word frequency and grammatical considerations – frequently occurring words have minimal effect, whereas if a rare word occurs in a document several times, it boosts the ranking significantly. This […]

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Parsing PDFs at Scale with Node.js, PDF.js, and Lunr.js

Technologies used: Vagrant + Virtualbox, Node.js, node-static, Lunr.js, node-lazy, phantomjs Much information is trapped inside PDFs, and if you want to analyze it you’ll need a tool that extracts the text contents. If you’re processing many PDFs (XX millions), this takes time but parallelizes naturally. I’ve only seen this done on the JVM, and decided […]


Building a full-text index of git commits using lunr.js and Github APIs

Github has a nice API for inspecting repositories – it lets you read gists, issues, commit history, files and so on. Git repository data lends itself to demonstrating the power of combining full text and faceted search, as there is a mix of free text fields (commit messages, code) and enumerable fields (committers, dates, committer […]

Expert Search Statistics

The following are some interesting statistics about the Github expert-finder. Unique repositories: 18,977 Source git repos (GB): 250+ GB Solr Index Size: 3.2 GB Time to build index: ~12 hours spread over several days (had to restart indexer several times) Number of commits:  4,579,236