PGConfNYC Keynote Notes (Gilt)

One of the keynote presentations for PG Conf NYC was a founder of Gilt Groupe (a site for flash sales of fashion items). This is an interesting business arena, in that the application has an inherent spiky nature to load. The speaker observed that people tend to form small groups based on how many people […]

PGConfNYC: KeyNote notes (Goldman Sachs)

One of the the keynotes addresses to PGConf NYC was a talk by a technology manager at Goldman Sachs who had a bunch of interesting insights into the ecosystem. In their environment, Postgres is one of a number of supported platforms, so they have a good position for comparison (including to a nameless “commercial database”, […]

“WTF does a Developer Evangelist do?”

I went to see a great talk by Ryan Joy (MSFT) and Keith Casey (Twilio), at Refresh Austin, on what developer evangelists do. I found this surprisingly interesting; this combination of programming and marketing knowledge is a fairly rare and high bar for a developer. Typically the people found for these positions are already active […]

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Philly ETE – Database as a Value

This was the first time I’ve seen Rich Hickey’s talk on Datomic, which lent great clarity to the product. As implemented, Datomic functions as an immutable database for philosophical reasons, although in practice it doesn’t manage it’s own storage, and may eventually support deletions to satisfy legal and compliance issues around privacy. This database technology […]

Philly ETE – Metor.js Talk Summary

I went to a talk at Philly ETE on Meteor, a Javascript-based webapp development platform. The talk was given by Avital Oliver, one of the core meteor developers, on “smart packages,” which is what meteor calls extensions to their core product. While in it’s infancy, the framework appears to be built around rapid development iteration […]