Maps of Philadelphia Churches, Part 1

U.S. Census data shows overall trends across the U.S., in the service of providing a broad view of national trends, from populations shifts to immigration. However, it is done every ten years, and can’t track everything. I thought it’d be interesting to make maps based on the locations of religious institutions – each these accounts […]

Making Maps with Tilemill

TileMill is a piece of map-making software for rendering beautiful maps. You can export the maps to MapBox, for a Google Maps feel or combine with a tool like D3.js for interactive infographics. There are a surprising number of data sources: weather, earthquake locations, crime statistics, and ship and plane locations. A lot of this is from federal and municipal agencies […]


Visualizing Pigments with D3.js

“In the early 1900s, scientists found that a liquid or solid heated to high temperatures would give off a broad range of colours of light. However, a gas heated to similar temperatures would emit light only at certain specific colours (wavelengths). The reason for this observation was not understood at the time.” [1] I’ve wondered […]