Installing the ELK stack on Azure

The “ELK stack” is an open source product offering used for indexing and searching server logs. This combines three open source tools (Elastic Search, LogStash, Kibana), which seem to be maintained by the company behind Elastic Search. Elastic Search is the most well known, and handles full text indexing. Logstash handles the ETL process that […]

2012 Side Projects

ExtJS Sample code http://garysieling.com/blog/tag/extjs Throughout the year I wrote a couple dozen how-to samples of ExtJS code. This product seems to be poorly documented, although it has improved, and is poorly covered on blogs outside the Sencha forums. This series has proved one of the most popular, and has received most of the comments my […]

GeSHi WordPress Sample with Javascript

The WP-Syntax plugin allows easy insertion of code in blog posts, using GeSHi (Generic Syntax Highlighter). It supposedly supports over one hundred programming languages, including including PHP, HTML, CSS, Java, C, Lisp, XML, Perl, Python, and assembly. For example: 1 2 <pre lang="html" line="1" escaped="true"> </pre> The line=”1″ directive tells WP-Syntax to insert line numbers. […]