Rendering scikit Decision Trees in D3.js

Scikit-learn provides routines to export decision trees to a format called Graphviz, although typically this is used to provide an image of a chart. For some applications this is valuable, but if the product of machine learning is a the ability to generate models (rather than predictions), it would be preferable to provide interactive models. […]

Visualizing Six Million Files and Folders

Each year there are nearly 300,000 of these in Federal Federal Civil Court, 1.3-1.6 million in Federal Bankruptcy Court, but this pales in comparison to state courts, which accept just over 100 million cases each year. Even a small extract of these takes up a fair amount of space: This is what a court docket […]

Making Maps with Tilemill

TileMill is a piece of map-making software for rendering beautiful maps. You can export the maps to MapBox, for a Google Maps feel or combine with a tool like D3.js for interactive infographics. There are a surprising number of data sources: weather, earthquake locations, crime statistics, and ship and plane locations. A lot of this is from federal and municipal agencies […]


Visualizing Pigments with D3.js

“In the early 1900s, scientists found that a liquid or solid heated to high temperatures would give off a broad range of colours of light. However, a gas heated to similar temperatures would emit light only at certain specific colours (wavelengths). The reason for this observation was not understood at the time.” [1] I’ve wondered […]


Book Review: Envisioning Information, by Edward Tufte

When I purchased Envisioning Information, I expected it to merely discuss the nuances of communication through graphs and infographic-style pictography. Rather, the author is an artist, and describes his work as celebration of the escape from flatland. While artistic, he is concisess, laser-focused on his belief that graphical representations of data must be clear and […]


New tool explores Flippa seller history and facilitates due diligence

Clinton, owner of, released a new data analysis tool to explore Flippa auction history, available at Flippa is one of the largest marketplaces for websites for sale- this tool allows detailed research on sellers to facilitate due diligence and market research. One of the most fascinating part of browsing Flippa listings, for me, […]