List of all CSS color properties

I couldn’t find a list, so here it is – -webkit-column-rule-color -webkit-column-rule-color -webkit-column-rule-color -webkit-print-color-adjust -webkit-print-color-adjust -webkit-print-color-adjust -webkit-tap-highlight-color -webkit-text-emphasis-color -webkit-text-emphasis-color -webkit-text-emphasis-color -webkit-text-emphasis-color -webkit-text-fill-color -webkit-text-fill-color -webkit-text-stroke-color -webkit-text-stroke-color background-color border-bottom-color border-bottom-color border-bottom-color border-left-color border-left-color border-right-color border-top-color border-top-color border-top-color border-top-color flood-color lighting-color outline-color stop-color Note that this changes over time as new features are added, and by browser, and […]

Getting a list of all colors on a webpage

To get all colors on a page with jQuery, you can use the “*” selector to get all DOM elements, call “getComputedStyle” on each element, and then de-duplicate the results: var elements = $(’*’);   function getColor(i, v) { return window.getComputedStyle(v).color }   colors = $.unique(; <pre>   Unfortunately this gives you just CSS, and […]


Data Exploration in Javascript

Google Analytics has a nice screen which shows alerts for changes that appear interesting – basically any large increase or decrease in traffic from a particular source: With appropriate API hooks, this screen could be built for any application that models data in a dimensional fashion, e.g. that uses faceted navigation (like Amazon search), or […]

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Full-Text Indexing PDFs in Javascript

I once worked for a company that sold access to legal and financial databases (as they call it, “intelligent information“). Most court records are PDFS available through PACER, a website developed specifically to distribute court records. Meaningful database products on this dataset require building a processing pipeline that can extract and index text from the […]