Expressjs: proxy requests to Solr

To proxy requests to solr in ExpressJS, you can use the HTTP proxy: npm install express-http-proxy –save When you set this up, you can add the core (here called new_core), and any arguments you want added by default: var proxy = require(’express-http-proxy’);   app.use(’/execute’, proxy(’http://localhost:8983′, { forwardPath: function(req, res) { return ‘/solr/new_core/select?wt=json&indent=true&’ + require(’url’) .parse(req.url) […]

Fixing “The following modules couldn’t be hot updated”, “Full reload needed”

I wrote a small React application to test hot loading components using webpack-hotmiddleware, and received the following error: [HMR] The following modules couldn’t be hot updated: (Full reload needed) This is usually because the modules which have changed (and their parents) do not know how to hot reload themselves. See for more details. process-update.js:69 […]

Migrating Node.js apps from Heroku to Dokku

eroku (and Dokku) make for an awesome development environment- the most well-known feature being the use of “git push” to deploy changes to a server. For simple projects, I’ve found that the deployment time is as fast as compilation times on JVM based projects, except that at the end you have a working environment. Knowing […]

Building a Squarespace integration with Node.js

avascript integrations must be built carefully to avoid excessive rendering and network overhead. If well-built, they make it easy to get get complex functionality in a website, without being locked into the vendor (e.g. Squarespace). I built a small application that uses a search engine to find articles you’ve written for other people, so you […]