Loading PDFs in PhantomJS using PDF.JS

PhantomJS is a neat webkit wrapper, allowing you to write cross-platform command-line Javascript utilities. Javascript scripting has been common in the Windows world for as long as I can remember through Windows Scripting Host, but PhantomJS provides access to many new libraries worth exploring. One such library is PDF.JS – a product of Mozilla Labs […]

Fixing the error “TypeError: ‘undefined’ is not a function (evaluating ‘globalScope[‘console’][‘log’].bind(globalScope[‘console’])’)”

Some libraries, like PDF.js, initialize their own logging function, which wraps console.log. If this runs in a context where function.bind does not exist, you’ll get the following error: TypeError: ‘undefined’ is not a function (evaluating ‘globalScope[‘console’][‘log’]. bind(globalScope[‘console’])’) Fixing this is actually quite simple- Mozilla provides a replacement function you can drop-in (not surprising, considering how […]

Functional Programming Patterns in Four Popular Javascript Libraries

I generally find discussions of design patterns a bit dry, but in testing new Javascript libraries, I’ve stumbled across some interesting tactics. Object oriented design patterns are typical not a perfect fit to Javascript, given it’s untyped nature. The language lends itself more to powerful functional programming techniques. I find studying libraries particularly helpful, as […]

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Full-Text Indexing PDFs in Javascript

I once worked for a company that sold access to legal and financial databases (as they call it, “intelligent information“). Most court records are PDFS available through PACER, a website developed specifically to distribute court records. Meaningful database products on this dataset require building a processing pipeline that can extract and index text from the […]