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Job Title Trends in Computing Fields

The Bureau of Labor Statistics creates a listing of job titles, average salary, number of jobs, and projections. Their taxonomy groups people into 750 job title categories, in some odd groupings. Few categories are set to show declines, particularly in any job type even vaguely related to the IT field. There are a few exceptions, […]


Simulating a Line-Following Robot in R

I’ve been reading up on controlling mobile robots, and built a simple robotic movement simulator in R, using R graphing libraries. The motivation for doing this is to practice setting up the math for controlling a robot, without having to build a physical device. Starting with an over-simple model allows learning a bit at a […]

Improving the default Android Keyboard

My Android keyboard makes word suggestions as you type. The algorithm appears to be a frequency-based text look-up, although it occasionally picks up similar-sounding words. While usable, it has enough issues to be worth replacing. Android kindly lets you do this, and there are numerous apps to do so. To build a new keyboard, we […]

Solr CSV DataImportHandler sample

The following will import a two field CSV file into solr, assuming two columns, name and count. The name field is always quoted. <dataConfig> <dataSource name=”ds1″ type=”FileDataSource” /> <document> <entity name=”ngrams” processor=”LineEntityProcessor” url=”E:/Projects/Data/words-txt.csv” dataSource=”ds1″ transformer=”RegexTransformer”> <field column=”rawLine” regex=”^&quot;(.*)&quot;\t(.*)$” groupNames=”name,count” /> </entity> </document> </dataConfig>

Solr DataImportHandler example with FileDataSource

This imports each line of a text file as a single document, probably about the simplest thing you can do. The schema has a single attribute, “name”, which is defined as a unique attribute. <dataConfig> <dataSource name=”ds1″ type=”FileDataSource” /> <document> <entity name=”entity” processor=”LineEntityProcessor” url=”E:/Projects/Data/wlist_all/wlist_match10.txt” dataSource=”ds1″> <field column=”rawLine” name=”name” /> </entity> </document> </dataConfig>

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Robot Localization in R

The excellent “Artificial Intelligence for Robotics” class on Udacity starts with a Python example on teaching a robot to determine where it is, given sensor data. Assuming the robot starts with a map of the world, and can make some observations of it’s surroundings, a series of movements and successive observations can quickly narrow the […]