Advertisers used by banned sellers in Flippa auctions

In a previous post, I listed the top Flippa advertisers, gained through the node.js web scraper. Which advertisers are mentioned most often in auctions by banned sellers?

[table class=”table table-striped”]

Number of domains listed by banned sellers, Total number of domains, Advertiser, % Banned

355,4315,commission junction,8%


As you can see, there is a big drop in the “unknown” category, and a big increase in banned accounts associated with Infolinks and CJ. After visual inspection, the following factors seem to be at play:

  • Auctions without much information listed are likely to end unsold
  • In a small number of cases, advertisers banned from adsense or other networks may move on to other, smaller networks, but it is nearly impossible to measure this
  • Infolinks is commonly used in template style listings, as a potential revenue increase for the new site owner – presumably this means it isn’t, or sellers would use it to increase the value of their listings. This is a useful finding, as one factor that clearly identifies over-hyped listings.

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  1. Hi Gary, thanks for this follow up post. Interesting stuff, as usual 🙂

    Just some questions. Did you exclude domain only sales (some parked domains do show Adsense and other ads)?

    Have you been using Weka to mine the data?

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