Detecting parked domains

Looking at old Flippa auctions that I scraped, it would be interesting to determine if domains are parked. I found this post, which describes a few options, including checking DNS entries for redirects, finding a blacklist, or content inspection. Some people have built APIs, but none appear maintained, and DNS providers rate limit whois lookups. Google also has an internal, proprietary method for doing this.

I’ve compiled a list of text included in parked pages. I found that GoDaddy is a very common domain parker, and encompasses most of the results in my dataset, but the others are useful too. Many hosting companies operate through common providers, so the text often follows a pattern. A portion of parked sites sell their traffic to third parties, often “mom” sites – these can’t be detected through this method. If you find a parked domain that doesn’t match one of these strings, please comment below!

Identifying parked domains (

The domain is for sale. To purchase, call at +1 339-222-5147 or 866-836-6791. Click here for more details.”


This domain is for sale. Click here for more information.


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NTCHosting, and other hosts (NTCHosting and vary):

NTCHosting has registered for one of its customers.

Suspended pages hosted on cPanel hosts:

This page has been suspended

LiquidNet (and many others):

LiquidNet Ltd Hosting has registered for one of its users.

Domains that are listed “for sale”, for the right price:

"The domain may be for sale. Click here for details."
"The domain is for sale. Click here for details."
DNS設定が見つかりません! / DNS ERROR!

I’m not sure which company the source host is for this one, but it’s very common. These two strings are included in a Javascript script block.