Get array from JSON in Scala Play

You can extract arrays from Json objects in Scala Play if you cast to JsArray, like so:

val speakers = (obj \ "speakerName_ss").toOption match {
  case Some(x: JsValue) => {
  case None => {

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  1. Hey Gary,

    Why don’t you use more compact form of array parsing from JSON object?
    Play allows it 🙂

    import play.api.libs.json.Json

    val json = Json.obj(
    “id” -> 1,
    “words” -> List(“apple”, “dog”, “table”)

    val words = (json \ “words”).as[Array[String]]
    words map (word => println(word))

    val optWords = (json \ “words”).asOpt[Array[String]]
    optWords match {
    case Some(words) => words map (word => println(word))
    case None => “Now array found”

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