AWS DeepLens Setup

When you set up the AWS DeepLens, you need to follow several pages of Amazon instructions.

1. Name the device
2. Create five different IAM roles for different features of the device (i.e. to run Lambda, Greengrass, SageMaker)
3. Download and retain certificates for use with the device
4. Connect to the device wi-fi over WPA2. If you bought a used device, you’ll need to reset it with a pin.
5. Set the wi-fi settings you want through the device console (athttp://
6. Upload the device certificates from step #3 through the device console
7. Click “Finish” – this will update the device’s wi-fi settings, and complete any linking to AWS central
8. Go to AWS to create a project:
9. Use the “object detection” template to create a project
10. For me, this sits at “Awaiting credentials” for a while

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